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My Background

I come from an incredible family of preachers and singers. Never in my life have I experienced a family gathering that did not include singing.  Singing for me is like breathing. 

I began formal voice lessons in the 8th grade and have studied off and on for most of my life. At the age of thirty, I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and since then God has opened doors that I could have never imagined.  

I grew up singing in the church choir and by the age of twelve I was singing in the Senior Choir.  I was often chosen to sing solos and as an adult, people began asking me to  do a solo concert. I initially laughed, but when the requests continued to come I agreed, requesting that the proceeds be used to feed the homeless.  The concert was a success and I was shocked at the number of people who came out to hear me sing. That day I clearly heard the Lord say, "you have reached your place in the universe".

God takes us from glory to glory and I am anticipating my next and greatest season! 

My Experience

Prior to seminary I worked in the banking industry and studied Business Administration.  I was elected a Bank Officer and was doing quite well but my passion was singing. I decided to take a voice class at the Eastman School of Music.  This pushed me closer to accepting God's call to study Church Music and Christian Education at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, GA. 

After seminary I completed a Chaplain Residency but went on to teach instead of remaining in the hospital.  I developed and taught the music and worship curriculum at Beulah Heights Bible College in Atlanta, served as the worship leader for a church with 5000 members; facilitated worship seminars in numerous churches in the Atlanta and Rochester areas, including the Babbie Mason Music Conference International; served as  the personal assistant/office manager to national Christian recording artist, Babbie Mason; taught worship at Northeastern Seminary, took study tours to Africa, Israel and Greece; and ultimately earned a doctorate in ministry. 

About Me

Singing, family and children are my greatest passions.  I spend my time hanging out with my sons, Keith, Raajon, Rahmiere and Zymiere.  In my spare time (of which I have very little)  I work in my home office, creating things that will inspire others. One day I hope to create a place where children affected by poverty can find hope, love and faith. 

I think the most interesting thing about me is that I still believe in fairy tales. I love God with all of my heart because He has made so many of mine come true. 


Free Email Consultations

I love helping worship leaders develop   worship ministries.  I am offering free  consultations to those assigned to lead a worship ministry at their church.  Feel free to email questions to: 


Worship Clinics

Worship clinics are 2-4 hour classes held at your church. Topics include: The Difference Between Praise and Worship; The Role of the Worship Leader; Entering the Presence of God; Leading Others into the Presence of God; and The Tabernacle.


I want to provide resources for pastors, those who teach worship, those seeking personal inspiration.

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